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Mailing list officer

Main task: Keep the mailing list running, check new subscribers, and moderate postings.
  • Michael Lyons
  • Andrew Jhonston
  • Tom Mitchell

More info about the mailing list

The NIME mailing list mailing list officers maintain the mailing lists of the community, and in particular the community@-list.


The list is currently hosted on googlegroups. List admins can access group management settings, but these are rarely changed. Be cautious!

Admin Tasks

There are two main tasks for list admin officers: moderating posts to the list and responding to sign-up requests.

Moderating Posts

As a list admin you will receive an email advising that someone has posted to the list. These should be self-explanatory and non-controversial posts can simply be approved by the first list admin to see the email.
Pending posts can also be seen here.
Where there is doubt about a particular post, list admins may need to briefly discuss to decide whether to approve, request changes or reject. The posting policy is strictly applied.

Sign up Requests

For some reason Google Groups no longer notifies list admins of sign up requests. It is recommended that list admins regularly check for join requests and approve as appropriate. To date we have not had a problem with spammy subscriptions so unless there is an obvious issue join requests are routinely approved.

Posting policy

Posts to the list should be restricted to calls for papers/works, job announcements, and topics of specific interest to the NIME community.
Except where specifically relevant to a large proportion of the NIME community, posts regarding products, software and concert performances should not be posted.