Music proceedings archive officer
Main goal: Build up and maintain a music proceedings archive for NIME, including recordings of performances.
  • Federico Visi
  • Ico Bukvic
  • Niccolo Granieri
  • Christopher Walker


NIME has never had a proper handling of the artistic contributions. Usually the music proceedings has been a program booklet with information about pieces, composers and performers.
Most performances at NIME have been recorded, but they have only occasionally been made available, such as from NIME 2011. There are two main reasons for the lack of availability:
  1. 1.
    Time and human resources for editing recorded content after the conference
  2. 2.
    Legal issues, related to privacy (of audience members) and copyright issues (pieces and performers)
For NIME 2019 a separate music proceedings booklet was made, with extended music abstracts. These extended abstracts and their bibliograpnic information are available in the Music page of the NIME website.
In 2019, the Steering Committee has endorsed building up a proper NIME music proceedings archive using the COMPEL platform.

NIME 2019 Music Proceedings Template and Instructions

The following template and instructions were sent to the accepted Music submissions in 2019.
We would like to offer you the opportunity of publishing your Music proposal as an extended abstract, which will be included in the Music Proceedings of NIME’19. This is an experimental initiative that will be presented this year for the first time in NIME history. We believe practice work is an integral part of NIME, and we see this as a first step towards a better and more consistent way of documenting the pieces presented at the conference every year. Having your proposal made freely available as an extended abstract in the Music Proceedings will give other scholars and practitioners a useful resource for their research, making it easier for them to retrieve your work and cite it in their publications. If the NIME community responds well to this proposal and we receive enough extended abstracts, each work will be assigned unique DOI and will be made freely available online through the NIME website. Please download the Music Proceedings extended abstract template using this link: The length of your abstract should be maximum 4 pages, and should include the following sections (as shown in the template): Project Description Technical Notes Program Notes Media Link(s) Acknowledgements (optional) References (optional) We encourage you to add bibliographic references, particularly if there are published papers describing your NIME more in detail. If the anonymous reviewers made remarks that can be addressed in your extended abstract (e.g. they pointed out previous relevant work) we encourage you to take their comments into consideration. Please edit your extended abstract using the Music Proceedings extended abstract template and upload it on your submission page as an editable file by April 10th. The file will go through a short internal review and you may be asked to do some minor amendments if needed. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question. This is a first, small step towards making practice work even more important for NIME research, and we are very excited about it. We hope you will accept this proposal with enthusiasm and we look forward to receiving your extended abstract.

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