Call 2010
NIME Conference 7-11 June 2010 Sydney, Australia
Submission deadline: 29 January 2010
Could you please circulate this call for papers to your colleagues, students, friends?
NIME is taking on an expanded definition in 2010. New Interfaces for Musical Expression is being considered in an interdisciplinary light, emphasising the expression part of interface, instrument and performance design, as well as its obvious links to multimodal creativity and design, practice-based research, HCI and sound and music in urban, product, spatial, information display and broader performative contexts. We look forward to a lively dialogue with colleagues at the intersection of modalities.
We have been enthusiastic about the inventiveness and commitment of the NIME community over the years but we also feel that a healthy dialogue awaits at the nexus with ICAD, CCS, DCC, HCI/CHI, INTERACT communities too as our research is increasingly interactive and interdisciplinary these days, permeating many design and creative disciplines.
Shortly to follow the paper call will be calls for performance, installation, workshop and tutorial proposals. This year, academic workshops on specialist areas based around presentations and discussion will co-exist with hands-on making and pedagogical sessions (we are calling these tutorials).
We welcome submissions on topics related to new interfaces for music performance including, but not limited to:
  • Novel controllers and interfaces for musical expression
  • Novel controllers for collaborative performance
  • Novel musical instruments
  • Computational methods of composition
  • Augmented/hyper instruments
  • Interfaces for dance and physical expression
  • Interactive Game Music
  • Robotic Music
  • Interactive sound and multimedia installations
  • Interactive sonification
  • Sensor and actuator technologies
  • Haptic and force feedback devices
  • Interface protocols and data formats
  • Gesture and music
  • Perceptual & cognitive issues
  • Interactivity design and software tools
  • Musical mapping strategies
  • Performance analysis and machine learning
  • Performance rendering and generative algorithms
  • Experiences with novel interfaces in education and entertainment
  • Experiences with novel interfaces in live performance and composition
  • Surveys of past work and stimulating ideas for future research
  • Historical studies in twentieth-century instrument design
  • Reports on student projects in the framework of NIME related courses
  • Artistic, cultural, and social impact of NIME technology
  • Gesture measurement
  • Enabling music networks
  • Bio-music
We welcome submissions on topics related to multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary and multimodal expression, but not limited to:
  • Mobile Technologies including Sound & Music
  • Locative Media Integration
  • Urban Digital Media & Media Façades
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Multimodal Expressive Interfaces
  • Practice-Based Research Approaches/Methodologies/Criticism
  • Sonification, Auditory Display & Multimodal Information Expression, Data Display
  • NIME intersecting with Performance, Dance, Theatre, Game Design
  • Sonic Expression in Architecture, Design, Wearables/Fashion
  • Computational Interfaces/Methods for Expression & Creativity
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