Diversity officer
Main goal: Develop guidelines and work with future chairs on improving diversity at NIME.
  • Review, revise and/or create NIME policies
  • Work with future chairs on improving diversity
  • Laurel Pardue
  • Juan Pablo Martinez



AMS/SMT Application Restrictions

An approach to allow for more new people to present in the conference:
Only one proposal per person per society (American Musicological Society and Society for Music Theory) is allowed. No one may appear on the program more than twice. An individual may participate in any of the presentation formats listed above and appear one other time on the program as a chair of a session or as a respondent. If a person submits a proposal as part of a multi-paper session, whether AMS-only or a joint session, they may not submit another proposal.
Proposals of the same or similar content cannot be submitted by the same person to both the AMS and the SMT. An individual may submit different proposals to the AMS and SMT but must indicate this double submission on the online submission page and select (in the case of double acceptance) which proposal would take priority. Authors who present on an SMT session may not also present on an AMS session or a joint AMS/SMT session. In the case of multiple acceptances, the Program Committee will give preference to any paper that is part of a proposed session.
The Alternate Years Rule
Those who participated in any of the seven presentation formats at the 2019 AMS meeting may not submit proposals for the 2020 meeting.
Since that’s one of the most prestigious, and most rigorously administered, music conferences, it is a good benchmark.
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