Call 2005
International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression Vancouver, Canada May 26-28, 2005
NIME 2005 Call for Participation
On behalf of the NIME 2005 Committee, we extend an invitation to you to be part of the New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference. Please join us at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada for the latest developments in musical interface design and musical expression presented in papers, performances, demos and installations. NIME 2005 marks the 5th conference on new musical interface design to follow the initial NIME workshop at CHI 2001, and subsequent international conferences held in Dublin, Montreal and Hamamatsu. As in previous years, NIME 05 will provide a unique opportunity to converge with an audience of like-minded artists and technologists from around the world. Our keynote speaker will be Don Buchla. Bill Buxton and Golan Levin will be giving invited talks.
We invite the submission of research papers, reports, and posters on topics related to new musical controllers including, but not restricted to:
  • Design reports on novel controllers and interfaces for musical
  • Surveys of past work and/or stimulating ideas for future
  • Performance experience reports on live performance and
    composition using novel controllers
  • Controllers for virtuosic performers, novices, education and
  • Perceptual & cognitive issues in the design of musical
  • Music and motion and/or music and emotion
  • Movement, visual and physical expression with sonic expressivity
  • Musical mapping algorithms and intelligent controllers
  • Novel controllers for collaborative performance
  • Interface protocols (e.g. MIDI) and alternative controllers
  • Artistic, cultural, and social impact of new performance
  • Real-time gestural control in musical performance
  • Mapping strategies and their influence on digital musical
    instrument design
  • Sensor and actuator technologies for musical applications
  • Haptic and force feedback devices for musical control
  • Real-time software tools and interactive systems
  • Pedagogical applications of new interfaces - Courses and
  • Performance rendering system (RENCON)
  • Evaluation criteria for evaluating rendered music (RENCON)
We encourage the submission of demos, either as part of papers and reports or as standalone contributions.
We encourage artists, performers and conference presenters to submit proposals for performances and live demonstrations that employ new musical controllers, novel interface concepts, and/or new mapping systems that can be featured in the concert events.
At the University of British Columbia, we are creating a new high-tech atrium that contains a multichannel sound and video scape platform that will be complete by December 15, 2004. The space is intended to house interactive sound and video installation works. As an experiment for this year's NIME, we are soliciting for proposals for an Installation Track to create interactive installation works in this space. Please contact the installation track chair for more details about this facility or if you are interested in submitting for the installation track.
IMPROV SESSIONS: new this year
For the first time at NIME there will be semi-organized improvisation sessions where scientists, engineers, artists and performers can interact with one another. Different configurations and groups will be put together based on types of sensors used for gesture recognition, genre of sound-mapping, ethnomusicological controllers, rhythm vs soundscape controllers, interfaces with motors, etc. There will be 3 Improv Sessions in the afternoons everyday during lunch and then a final jam concert party on the final night. For more information contact the Improv Sessions Chair, Ajay Kapur.
There are two one-day workshops scheduled the day before the main conference:
Jan 15, 2005: Submission deadline (interactive sound installation proposals) Jan 31, 2005: Submission deadline (performance proposals, papers, reports, demos, posters) Feb 7, 2005: Notification of acceptance for installations. Mar 14, 2005: Notification of acceptance for performances. Mar 15, 2005: Notification of acceptance for papers, reports, posters and demos. Mar 31, 2005: Early registration deadline. Apr 15, 2005: Program notes submission deadline (performances); final paper submission deadline (papers, reports, posters).
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