Timeline for organizing a NIME
This is coarse overview of the timeline of the organization of the annual NIME conferences:
  • May: Apply for hosting
  • June: Decision on hosting (NIME steering committee)
  • August: Formal acceptance of hosting (applicant)
  • August: Book venues and apply for funding
  • January: Get team in place, start making web page
  • May/June: Participate at conference with host team
  • May/June: Announcement of conference
  • September: Call for participation
  • December: Recruit reviewers
  • January: General submission deadlines
  • February: Review and Meta-review process
  • March: Decision of acceptance
  • April: Camera-ready papers
  • May/June: Organize conference
  • July: Upload proceedings
  • August: Finalize media documentation
  • December: Transfer of knowledge to new hosts
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